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Security Guard Job – Residential Community Positions

Throughout the United States, there’s a boom within the residential industry. From luxury gated communities to secured apartment complexes, as the need for high-end residential areas increases so does the need to secure these homes and apartments.

Above all else, the residents and developers of these communities seek out peace of mind, and they’re more than willing to pay top dollar for such security and peace. This is a very exciting time for security guards, as it an entire new industry has been cultivated – residential security guard. New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago tend to have the highest employment of residential security officers, but most every area has a strong demand for the position. Research security guard training near me to find an option in your area that fits your schedule and timeline for your desired career as a residential security guard.

residential security guard plan and career

Residential Security Guard – Career Exploration

As a residential security guard, you work directly with property managers to safeguard an entire community. Perhaps one of the biggest issues you’ll run into is a lackluster security plan. While the need for a security guard is great, many property managers are lacking in the true understanding of how to effectively establish security routines and procedures. While this leaves room for mistakes, it also creates ample room for implementation of personalized security plans created by you and your fellow security guards.

Many residential security guards enjoy the freedom and extra responsibilities that come along with this type of position. You’re given a great opportunity to establish your own brand of security, which is both creatively and professionally rewarding. If you’re seeking a position within the security industry where your advice and tips literally alter the security plan of a company or property, then this is your ideal career choice.

The 7 Steps to a Residential Security Plan

As a residential security guard, you’ll likely be responsible for implementing a complete security plan. Even if a plan or procedures are already in place, many property management companies give the responsibility of cultivating such a plan to their security guards. The following 7 steps are considered the most effective when working in this realm:

1.)    Create a standardized commitment to how the property will be secured
2.)    Cultivate relationships with local law enforcement agencies to help boost the overall security and stability of the property
3.)    Engage in unique security training for all security guards within the property. The most effective plans are those where each security guard understands his role and responsibility within the property
4.)    Assess the potential vulnerabilities to specific type of crime. For example, are there weak points within the property where thieves could easily enter and exit without much notice?
5.)    Create solutions to these security vulnerabilities by implementing specific guard placement and the use of digital security measures, such as security cameras.
6.)    Get to know the residents of the community. Residents who feel their security guard is personally invested are far more likely to feel safe within their own home and community.
7.)    Maintain the standards that you and your fellow security guards have created. Each day should be a testament to your dedication and professionalism.