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Security Guard and Customer Service – The Connection

While the first – and most important – role of a security guard is to protect the property and public within the premises of your employer, one of the biggest mistakes an aspiring security guard can make is believing this is their only responsibility. The majority of security guards work directly with the public. The public involvement of these security professionals accomplishes two goals: to showcase the presence of security and to have a hands-on approach to securing the premises.

Because security guards are responsible for physically stopping or responding to criminal activity, they must consistently interact with the general public. Therefore, as a security guard you’re working partly as a means of securing the location as well as a form of customer service. Be sure to find security guard training course that teaches the connection between security guard responsibilities and customer service to make you a better, more thorough, security guard.

link and connection between security guard and customer service

An Exploration Into the Security and Customer Service Connection

Whether you’re employed by a retail store or a corporation, your job as a security guard is to protect people and property while also providing answers to questions and mingling with the general public. By being closely involved with the general public, you’re able to detect potential threats while simultaneously offering assistance when needed. The fastest way to fail at your job is to simply ignore those around you who feel are not a threat. While you are not a customer service representative, you should be readily available to answer simple questions, such as how to get to certain stores or finding specific offices.

The nature of the this relationship basically means you’ll continuously speak and deal with the general public while keeping a watchful eye. The most successful security guards are those capable of holding light and pleasant conversations with multiple people as a means of determining their threat level or encouraging people to report suspicious activity. A hands-on security guard is capable of actually deterring criminal activity by simply being present and available for discussions.

The most important skill you can cultivate as a security guard is being an active listener. Not only should you listen to people in order to help them, but through this active listening skill, you’re capable of determining if a threat is present and what to do should a threat is detected. While you may think that being a security guard has nothing to do with customer service, by cultivating these people skills you’ll actually enhance your viability and value as a security guard, which often results in promotions and greater job responsibilities.