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How to Ace Your Security Guard Job Interview

Perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking moments of becoming a security guard is a situation that’s universally anxiety-inducing across all industries – the job interview. While you may think you have what it takes to excel at a security guard job, if you are unprepared for the type of questions a potential employer may ask as well as how to convey your relative experience and training, you may not gain the attention of this prospective employer.

Although there are literally hundreds of pages of tips and advice out there for job seekers, there are several primary points unique to the security guard industry. If you’re preparing for a job interview with a security company, take a few minutes to review these tips and techniques. These, along with a stellar resume, can help secure a lucrative and exciting career as a security guard.

best ways to prep for (and ace) a security guard job interview tips

Conveying Your Experience Level

Regardless of the position or company, the hiring manager will carefully review your resume and ask questions relevant to the topic of experience. While you should ensure your resume clearly depicts your work and training experience, you should be prepared to showcase your knowledge and willingness to learn and adapt to the unique requirements of the position. This is especially important if you have little security guard experience, but have just completed a security guard training program. While you should be prepared to provide succinct and concise information regarding your work and training experience, be able to answer the following questions:

  • Describe a conflict you found yourself in. What did you personally do to prevent the conflict from turning violent?
  • Explain a situation that was stressful and how you handled the stress.

Do You Look Like a Professional Security Guard?

Whether or not you wish to acknowledge this truth, appearance matters in the initial interview. Imagine a person walking in with casual clothing that’s improperly fitting and hair that looks as if they just walked out of bed. Now, imagine a person who’s wearing a smartly put-together outfit that showcases his professionalism and care regarding how he’s perceived. Who do you think the hiring manager will take more seriously? While you shouldn’t feel pressured to wear a suit or formal attire, you should dress business casual so you appear to be professional and physically fit.

Display Confidence At All Times

Job interviews can be anxiety-inducing; however, you should never let this anxiety or nervousness showcase in your answers or on your face. As a security guard, you must be capable of displaying an air of confidence at all times. Should a criminal spot a guard who’s weak or unsure regarding his abilities, they are much more likely to begin criminal activity, such as theft. Act as confident as you can within the interview, while still being polite and gracious. Smile and maintain eye-contact, which subconsciously demonstrates confidence and assurance in oneself.

Want more? These tips will help prepare you for your next security guard interview.