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About Us

If you want basic security guard training, armed security officer training, pepper spray training, baton training, handcuffing training or bodyguard training, we do it all. All agencies or individual students are welcome to attend whenever, as Collaborative Practice Santa Cruz has many great benefits and reasons to make us your official security training source. CPSC  makes it simple, fun and convenient while providing in-depth, professional, quality training to its consumers. We immerse you into the industry with our core courses, and offer outstanding short certificate programs as well. Our advanced classes and continued education courses are searched for by many active and current security suppliers also.

The site specific training is built to meet the specific requirements and needs of a project. This training is normally developed with the building operators. The training manual used for our training courses has been vetted by a veteran staff with over 20-years experience.

Standard on-site training covers but it is not limited to:

Customer relations, building general patrol, key element control, lock down, access control, emergency preparedness, detect and report safety hazards, detect and control physical security defects, control lost and determined property, inspection of waste receptacles, perimeter security, traffic control, communications, preserve crime scene, video camera monitoring, inspection of alarm devices, deter and identify undesired personnel, fire equipment inspection & crime deterrence.

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